The Australian Galah



A website dedicated to Cockatoos. This site details all the pros and cons of cockatoo ownership. It is a highly recommended read for anyone considering having a cockatoo as a pet. It also features an excellent, active forum.
Claim to be the friendliest online bird community. The Perch's forums are extremely active and full of members willing to share their knowledge with any one needing help.
Wickipedia is a dynamic online encyclopedia whos content is provided by the general public. For this reason you must be careful putting too much trust in its content, but generally it is a good source of general information. (NSW, Australia Only)
The NSW Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service Incorporated (WIRES) is the largest wildlife rescue organisation in Australia.One of the many organisations one could contact if they come across an injured galah (or other native animal). (Australia Only)
The Royal Society of Prevention of Cruely to Animals is an Australian organisation thats mission is to "prevent cruelty to animals by actively promoting their care and production". Contact the RSPCA if you believe an owner is mistreating their galah in a serious manner.



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