The Australian Galah

Rose-breasted Cockatoo

Raucas calls are heard when you look up to see the "sky" suddenly turning grey, moving smoothly, then turning to pink and back to grey. The sky suddenly drops and quickly turns back up. What could it be? A large flock of wild galahs in Australia, flying in perfect unison. The Galahs are truly a wonderful sight to see for visitors to Australia. Always a memorable sight, whether flying in flocks of hundreds or playfully doing comical acrobatics on power lines. If you have ever witnessed a flock of flying pigeons or starlings, imagine it in grey and pink.

Welcome to the Galah cockatoo page, also known as the Rose-breasted cockatoo, Rosie, Roseate, and on the internet an RB2. The hope of this page is to inform you about these wonderful birds and for those of you interested in adopting a companion Galah, to hopefully help you decide, if a Galah is the bird for you.

Galahs are unique in the parrot world being grey and pink coloured birds. Their plumage is very soft, and feels silky to the touch. Their plumage is also thick and luxurious as you pull your fingers through, giving a galah a wanted head scratch. The grey colouring goes from light to darker grey making a beautiful contrast to their rosie pink plumage. Galahs sport a white to pale pink crest, depending upon the species.

They are a very happy bird, loving every minute of life and making the most of it. They can be very entertaining as a companion bird, or in the wild. They are very adept at performing acrobatics and just simply clowning around. If a galah has intrigued you, please explore this site further.
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