The Australian Galah



Rosie Babies Watch us Grow


External pip


Pip 24 hours later, not a lot of progress


Just hatched Galah. Baby Galah still connected to the egg


Day 1

Day 2 babies

Backside of 3 day old babies


3 day old Rosies


4 day old babies


5 day old babies


6 day old babies singing for their dinner.



7 days old - Jimmie Durante faces with potato bug bodies.
Not quite beautiful yet.


8 days old. Always a fight for food


9 days and growing like weeds


13 days and stretchin up for food


14 days - Open wide for dinner.


15 days - Doing the prairie dog impersonation for food


16 days - Looking like alien creatures

17 days - Shy and trying to hide from the world.


17 days - The babies back showing the development of pin feathers.


18 days - Close up of head showing pattern of feathers coming in.


18 days - Talking things over from one tub to the other!


19 days - Showing the pattern of feathers on top of the head,and getting cuter by the day.


19 days - Discussing feeding issues!


20 days - Looks like he has a baby tooth coming in


20 days - Betting the boy is on the left and the girl is on the right...

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