The Australian Galah


Cacatua roseicapilla 36cm
Small pink and grey cockatoo.

Male: brown eyes;
Female: Red eyes.
Juv: Pink areas suffused with grey.

Northern and Eastern birds (race roseicapilla) have eye ring reddish;
Western birds (race assimilis) are paler with eye ring grey or whitish.

Usually seen in loud noisy flocks.

Voice: pleasant 'czzk-czzk'; loud screech.

Nesting: much chewed hollow in eucalypt, lined with eucalypt sprigs The ground below is usually scattered with sprigs; 3-4 white eggs.

Range: common, widespread and increasing in woodlands, tree scattered
grasslands, agricultural clearings throughout Australia except forested areas;
Increasing in Tasmania possibly due to escapee pets.


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