The Australian Galah


Galah , Cacatua roseicapilla

This website is dedicated to the Australian pink cockatoo, the Galah.

It features a collection of information, pictures and other interesting details on galahs. This fascinating parrot is often misunderstood and under-estimated. The Australian galah is not only intelligent but also a loving social animal that mates for life.

If you own a galah as a pet, have a school assignment or are just curious and want to know more about galahs, please feel free to browse through this site.

I hope you find the information this site dedicated to the Australian Galah usefull.


Also known as...
Galah, Galahs, Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Rosies, Willock Cockatoos.

Last Updated: October 2007
- Modified information on Feeding Baby Galahs
- Added a links page in the Resources section.
- Added more photos, sound file and video clips.


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